Uncovering Mummies: An Isabel Soto Archaeology Adventure

Uncovering Mummies: An Isabel Soto Archaeology Adventure
by Agnieszka Biskup (Author) and Al Bigley, Cynthia Martin and Bill Anderson (Illustrators)
32 pages

Booktalk: Isabel Soto is visiting a Mayan temple in Central America when she gets a message. Her friend in Egypt has disappeared! She travels through a portal to rescue him. (An graphic novel with 5 chapters.)


ARCHAEOLOGIST #1: Dr. Soto! Welcome to Egypt. Thank you for coming so soon.
ISABEL: Can you tell me what happened to Dr. Powers?
ARCHAEOLOGIST #1: He was kidnapped by a dangerous gang of tomb raiders called the Black Hand.
ARCHAEOLOGIST #2: Here is te ransom note they sent us.
RANSOM NOTE: We have Dr. Powers. If you want him back alive, find and give us the Mummy’s Amulet of Fire. You have one week. –The Black Hand

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